Sama Lenses

Shipping and Return Policy


Sama grants customers the right to replace and return products within 30 days of receiving the product, all products should be like their original condition and with all their accessories.

In order for you to submit a request to return or replace, please fill out this form with all the relevant details to coordinate the process of return and replacement.



When we receive the product to be replaced, our representative will immediately change it. If the change request is not accepted, we will return the product to you and explaining rejection reason. Please note that we can change the product 1 time.



Upon receipt and inspection of the retrieved product, our representative will retrieve it.

Goods sold in cash: The goods sold in cash will be refunded in cash.

The goods sold through the credit card: will be refunded to your bank card, or through a bank transfer to your bank account.

If the order is not accepted, we will return the product to you, with explaining for rejection reason.

If you have a problem with receiving refunds, please contact us.


Discounted goods:

The amount of products sold can not be recovered at a reduced price, but can be replaced by another product within 30 days from the date of receipt.



Sama will pay the shipping charge for your refund. We will contact the delivery company to schedule the receipt of the goods that you would like to return after you have sent your request for replacement or return.

The time required to return a product varies depending on the place of residence.

Shipping only in UAE within 24-48 working hour.

Return Form